First Nazi concentration camp liberated 70 years ago today (July 24 1944)

Video: 'World at War - Genocide' (July 24, 1944, at 1:34)

(Monday, July 24, 1944; part of The Holocaust during World War II) — Soviet forces liberated the Majdanek concentration camp on the outskirts of the city of Lublin in eastern Poland today, the first to be liberated from Nazi control.

In less than three years of operation, an estimated 78,000 prisoners, mainly Jews, had been murdered at the site.

Greek military bids civilians take over; Karamanlis returns, sworn in as premier 40 years ago today (Jul 23 1974)

(Tuesday, July 23, 1974) — The military rulers of Greece announced today that they had decided to turn the nation back to civilian political leaders. Konstantinos Karamanlis, the former conservative Premiere who governed from 1955 to 1963 before his self-imposed exile in Paris, returned to Athens and was sworn in as head of a new government of national unity.

Bank robber John Dillinger shot to death by federal agents in Chicago 80 years ago this hour (July 22 1934)

Image: 'John Dillinger Shot Dead by Federal Agents - News Reel'

(Sunday, July 22, 1934, 10:40 p.m. CWT; during the Great Depression) — John Dillinger, America’s Public Enemy No. 1 and the most notorious criminal of recent times, was shot and killed at tonight by federal agents a few seconds after he had left the Biograph Theatre on Chicago’s North Side.

Democrats nominate Senator Truman for vice president 70 years ago tonight (July 21 1944)

Video: 'Democratic Convention Chicago 1944' (VP nomination at 1:32)

(Friday, July 21, 1944, evening CWT; during World War II) — Senator Harry S. Truman of Missouri was nominated tonight as the Democratic candidate for Vice President in the fifth and final session of the twenty-eighth national convention of the party, defeating incumbent Vice President Henry Wallace 1,031-105 after votes shifted on the second ballot. Continue reading

Geneva Accords divide Vietnam into northern, southern entities 60 years ago today (July 21 1954)

Video: 'Vietnam a Television History Episode 1' (July 21, 1954, at 55:03)

(Wednesday, July 21, 1954; during the First Indochina War, part of the Cold War) — France and the three associated states of Indochina signed armistice agreements with the Communists today that extended the Iron Curtain around North Vietnam, a land of 13 million.

The United States warned it would view “with grave concern” any revival of aggression violating the agreements.