Paul Revere begins famous midnight ride to warn American colonists that ‘British are coming’ 240 years ago this hour (Apr 18 1775)

Video: 'The American Revolution Biography Paul Revere The Midnight Rider - Full Documentary' (Apr. 18, 1775, 21:49)

(Tuesday, April 18, 1775, 11:00 p.m.; during the American Revolution) — Paul Revere tonight began his famous ride from Charlestown to Lexington, Massachusetts, warning American colonists that the British were coming.

John Lennon performs at Sir Lew Grade tribute show in New York 40 years ago tonight (Apr 18 1975)

Video: 'John Lennon-A Salute to Sir Lew Grade April 18, 1975'

(Friday, April 18, 1975, evening EDT) — Former Beatle John Lennon performed today for the ATV/ITC TV special Salute To Sir Lew – The Master Showman, a star-studded cabaret event to celebrate the distinguished career of Sir Lew Grade, in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in New York City for airing on June 13, 1975.

Clutching an acoustic guitar, Lennon performed live vocal versions of “Slippin And Slidin’,” “Stand By Me” and “Imagine” (“Stand By Me” was cut the from show). It turned out to be Lennon’s final performance before a live audience.

325,000 Germans surrender at Ruhr Pocket 70 years ago today (Apr 18 1945)

Video: 'The World At War 1973(World War II Documentary)Episode 21-Nemesis:Germany(February-May 1945)' (Apr. 18, 1945, at 21:23)

(Wednesday, April 18, 1945; on the Western Front of World War II) — The Ruhr Pocket, a battle of encirclement that took place in late March and early April 1945 in the Ruhr Area of Germany, essentially ended today, marking the end of major organized resistance on Nazi Germany’s Western Front as 325,000 troops were taken prisoner.

Johnston surrenders to Sherman 150 years ago today (Apr 18 1865)

(Tuesday, April 18, 1865; during the American Civil War) — Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to Union Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman today near Durham Station in North Carolina (Sherman got himself into political hot water by offering terms of surrender to Johnston that encompassed political issues as well as military, without authorization. The confusion on this issue lasted until Apr. 26, 1865).

Phnom Penh surrenders to rebel forces, ending Cambodian Civil War 40 years ago this hour (Apr 17 1975)

Video: 'Vietnam: A Television History - Cambodia and Laos [8/11]' (Apr. 17, 1975, at 51:39)

(Thursday, April 17, 1975, 9:00 a.m. ICT; during the Cambodian Civil War, part of the Vietnam War, Indochina Wars and the Cold War) — After five years of savage fighting, the Khmer Republic, the republican government of Cambodia, was defeated today when the victorious Khmer Rouge, followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, proclaimed the establishment of Democratic Kampuchea.

Thousands of German refugees, wounded soldiers killed when Soviets sink MV Goya 70 years ago this hour (Apr 16 1945)

Video: 'The Sinking of the MV Goya - Jessica'

(Monday, April 16, 1945, 11:52 p.m. CEST; during World War II) — A Soviet submarine in the Baltic Sea torpedoed and sank the MV Goya, a Norwegian motor freighter which Germany was using to transport civilian refugees and wounded soldiers.

The sinking of the Goya was one of the biggest single-incident maritime losses of life of the war, and as such one of the largest maritime losses of life in history, with just 183 survivors among roughly 6,700 passengers and crew.