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US Festival opens in in San Bernardino, California 30 years ago today (1982)

Video: '1982 US Festival: The 'US' Generation - Coming Fall 2012!'

(Friday, September 3, 1982) — The three-day US Festival opened today in San Bernardino, California. More than 400,000 people turned out to see bands like The Cars, Fleetwood Mac and Talking Heads. The show was expected to bring in $10 million, but lost money because of artists like David Bowie and Van Halen demanded huge fees.

General Lee informs President Davis that he intends to invade the North 150 years ago today (1862)

Video: Sept. 3, 1862 (at 40:20)

(Wednesday, September 3, 1862, during the¬†American Civil War) — Just two days after the Battle of Chantilly, Confederate General Robert E. Lee wrote to President Jefferson Davis today that he had decided to cross into Maryland unless the president objected. Lee also began shifting his army north and west from Chantilly towards Leesburg, Virginia.