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Schirra lands safely after six perfect orbits 50 years ago this hour (1962)

Video: 'Project Mercury 3rd Manned Orbital Misson Flight of Sigma 7 pt1-2 1962 NASA Wally Schirra 13min'

(Wednesday, October 3, 1962, 5:28:22 p.m. EDT, part of NASA’s Mercury program) — Astronaut Walter M. Schirra Jr. whizzed around the earth six times through space with robot precision in the Sigma 7 spacecraft today and landed safely this hour in the Pacific Ocean.

At nine hours, this was the longest U.S. manned orbital flight yet achieved in the Space Race, though well behind the several-day record set by the Soviet Vostok 3 earlier in the year.

Lincoln visits Antietam battlefield, poses for pictures 150 years ago today (1862)

Video: Oct. 3, 1862 (at 58:39)

(Friday, October 3, 1862, during the American Civil War) — U.S. President Abraham Lincoln reviewed his troops today at the Antietam battlefield in Maryland to assess the situation following the bloodiest battle in American history. Lincoln met with Gen. George McClellan and also posed for a half-dozen pictures by Alexander Gardner.