Roosevelt defeats Hoover, elected President of the United States 80 years ago today (1992)

Video: 'FDR 1932 Campaign and Election' (FDR wins at 6:34)

(Tuesday, November 8, 1932, during the 1932 presidential campaign) — Democratic New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States today, defeating Republican President Herbert Hoover.

Roosevelt and his running mate, U.S. House Speaker John N. Garner, received 57.4 percent of the popular vote. Hoover and his running mate, Vice President Charles Curtis, received 39.7 percent.

1932 was a realigning election, as Roosevelt and the Democratic ticket won a sweeping victory over Hoover and the Republicans, extending their control over the U.S. House (311-117) and gaining control of the U.S. Senate (59-36). Until 1932, the Republicans had controlled the Presidency for 56 of the previous 72 years, dating to Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860.

The 1932 popular vote results translated into a landslide Electoral College victory for a Democratic ticket: 472-59 for Roosevelt-Garner over Hoover-Curtis, the most electoral votes ever won by a first-time contestant in a presidential election.

Roosevelt and Garner are to be sworn in on March 4, 1933.

Video: 'American Experience: The Presidents: FDR' (FDR wins at 1:32:56)

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