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McCartney films ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ for TV special 40 years ago today (1973)

Video: 'James Paul McCartney and Wings (TV special 1973)' (Mar. 10, 1973, at 8:32)

(Saturday, March 10, 1973) — Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney shot a video for the song Mary Had A Little Lamb in Hampstead Heath, London for James Paul McCartney a television special produced by ATV and starring McCartney and his then current rock group Wings.

Two LAPD officers taken to onion field in Bakersfield, one killed 50 years ago this hour (1963)

Video: 'The onion field (1979). Crime scene'

(Wednesday, March 9, 1963, after 10 p.m. local time) — Two Los Angeles police officers, Ian Campbell and Karl Hettinger, were disarmed and abducted by ex-convicts Gregory Powell and Jimmy Lee Smith during a traffic stop today in Hollywood. The officers were taken to an onion field near Bakersfield, California, where Campbell was shot to death while Hettinger managed to escape. Powell and Smith were sent to prison; the case was detailed in the book “The Onion Field” by Joseph Wambaugh.