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Paul McCartney performs in Parramatta, Australia 20 years ago today (1993)

Video: 'The Beatles - Paul Mccartney - Here, There and Everywhere (Live)'

(Monday, March 22, 1993) — Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney performed today at Parramatta Stadium in Parramatta, Australia, during the Oceania leg of his The New World Tour, recording “Here, There and Everywhere” for his Paul Is Live! album and Paul Is Live – The New World Tour video.

Mitchell: Hunt no longer ‘a problem’ 40 years ago today (1973)

Video: Mar. 22, 1973 (at 0:11)

(Thursday, March 22, 1973; during the Watergate scandal) — In the West Wing office of White House Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman office, former U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell told Haldeman, top Nixon aide John Ehrlichman and Presidential Counsel John Dean that former CIA officer and “E. Howard Hunt was not a ‘problem’ any longer,” suggesting the Watergate burglary organizer had been paid off.

Nazi Germany opens Dachau concentration camp 80 years ago today (1933)

Video: 'Dachau concentration camp' (first Dachau prisoners arrive on Mar. 22, 1933, at 3:10)

(Wednesday, March 22, 1933) — Dachau, the first major Nazi concentration camp (the Oranienburg concentration camp had opened one day before on Mar. 21, 1933), received its first prisoners today (51 days after Hitler took power), as four police trucks brought in 200 inmates from the Stadelheim Prison and Landsberg Prison. Continue reading Nazi Germany opens Dachau concentration camp 80 years ago today (1933)