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‘Krusty Gets Kancelled’ debuts on ‘The Simpsons’ 20 years ago this hour (1993)

Video: 'Best of Krusty Gets Kancelled'

(Thursday, May 13, 1993, 8 p.m. EDT) — Krusty is out of a job when a new show featuring ventriloquist Arthur Crandall and his dummy, Gabbo, hits the airwaves and shrinks Krusty’s television ratings on tonight’s episode of the TV series The Simpsons. In 2009, TV Guide named this the 24th greatest TV episode of all-time.

U.S. Supreme Court overturns death sentence because prosecution withheld evidence 50 years ago today (1963)

(Monday, May 13, 1963) — The U.S. Supreme Court, in Brady v. Maryland, upheld today, 7-2, a lower court decision overturning the death sentence (but not the conviction) of John L. Brady for murder because the prosecution had withheld from the defense a statement by a separately tried accomplice, Charles D. Boblit, that he’d actually carried out the 1958 killing of William Brooks during a robbery.

Brady spent years in prison in legal limbo, declining his right to another sentencing hearing; he was eventually paroled. Boblit, 79, remains imprisoned in Maryland.

U.S. bombs Toksan Dam in North Korea 60 years ago today (1953)

Video: 'Korean War - PART 28, End of the War, 6.25' (May 13, 1953, at 5:09)

(Wednesday, May 13, 1953; during the Korean War, part of theĀ Cold War) — Thunderjets from the U.S. Air Force’s 58 Fighter-Bomber Wing struck the Toksan Dam, near Pyongyang today causing a massive flood. Floodwaters from the breached dam destroyed ten bridges, ruined several square miles of rice crops, flooded over 1,000 buildings and rendered the Sunan Airfield inoperable.