Democrats nominate McClellan-Pendleton ticket 150 years ago today (Aug 31 1864)

(Wednesday, August 31, 1864; during the American Civil War) — Major General George B. McClellan from New Jersey was nominated president today at the 1864 Democratic National Convention meeting at the Amphitheater in Chicago.

McClellan defeated Thomas H. Seymour 174-38 on the first ballot. After a revised first ballot, McClellan, a War Democrat, was declared unanimous was carried. Anti-war Rep. George H. Pendleton of Ohio was nominated for vice president 124.5-65.5 after first ballot shifts over former Treasury Secretary James Guthrie of Kentucky.

The McClellan-Pendleton ticket would oppose the Republican ticket of President Abraham Lincoln-Andrew Johnson (nominated in June 1864) in the 1864 general election.

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