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Singer-songwriter Sam Cooke eulogized in Chicago 50 years ago today (Dec 17 1964)

Video: 'Sam Cooke - Legend (The Life, The Legend, The Legacy) DVD (Title 3)' (Dec. 17, 1964, at 1:01:59)

(Thursday, December 17, 1964, evening) — A crowd estimated at 15,000 flocked to the Tabernacle Baptist Church on Chicago’s South Side today to pay last respects to the late Sam Cooke, who was shot and killed in Los Angeles on Dec. 11, 1964 (a second funeral and burial was held Dec. 19, 1964, in Los Angeles).

Mass exclusion of persons of Japanese ancestry along West Coast to end, announced 70 years ago today (Dec 17 1944)

Video: 'WWII: Japanese Internment Camps in the U.S.'

(Sunday, December 17, 1944; during the Internment of Japanese Americans of World War II) — Mass exclusion of persons of Japanese ancestry from West Coast States was ended today by Maj. Gen. H. Conger Pratt, Western commander, in a proclamation effective on Jan. 2, 1945.

On that date, the 30-month exile of more than 100,000 men, women and children from their old homes in Washington, Oregon and California will cease.

84 American POWs murdered by Germans in Malmedy massacre 70 years ago this afternoon (Dec 17 1944)

Video: 'Massacre at Malmedy'

(Sunday, December 17, 1944, 1:00 p.m. local time; during the Battle of the Bulge on the Western Front of World War II) — 84 American prisoners of war were murdered by their German captors this afternoon near Malmedy, Belgium, by members of Kampfgruppe Peiper (part of the 1st SS Panzer Division), a German combat unit.

The massacre, plus others committed by the same unit on the same day and following days, were the subject of the Malmedy massacre trial, part of the Dachau Trials of 1946.