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The Beach Boys complete ‘Today!’ album 50 years ago this hour (Jan 19 1965)

Video: 'The Beach Boys Today! (Full Album HQ Stereo Remaster) (1965) - Beach Boys' (all the tracks except 'Bull Session With Big Daddy')

(Tuesday, January 19, 1965, 1:00-4:00 p.m. PST) — The Beach Boys completed recording their eighth studio album The Beach Boys Today! at Western Recorders studio in Hollywood by finishing off the last four tracks: “Good to My Baby,” (at 2:22 into the embedded video) “I’m So Young,” (at 17:02) “In the Back of My Mind” (at 24:49) and the album version of “Help Me, Ronda” (spelled without an “h” at this time; at 8:56).