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President Reagan calls for ‘second revolution’ 30 years ago this hour (Feb 6 1985)

Video: 'State of the Union: President Reagan's State of the Union Speech - 2/6/85'

(Wednesday, February 6, 1985, 9:00 p.m. EST) — U.S. President Ronald Reagan called tonight for “a second American revolution of hope and opportunity” in a State of the Union address that celebrated economic and scientific achievements and made scant mention of the spending sacrifices his new budget asks of a broad spectrum of Americans.

Paul McCartney performs at Super Bowl halftime show 10 years ago this hour (Feb 6 2005)

Video: 'Paul McCartney "Drive My Car/Get Back/Live And Let Die/Hey Jude" Live-2005'

(Sunday, February 6, 2005, at about 8:10 p.m. EST) — Paul McCartney performed at the Super Bowl halftime show tonight in Jacksonville, Florida. He was the first act to play that gig following Janet Jackson exposing her breast at the previous year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

The New England Patriots won their third NFL championship in four years, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 24-21.