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Last man killed in combat during American Civil War 150 years ago this hour (May 13 1865)

Video: 'Ken Burns The Civil War: Episode 9 The Better Angels of Our Nature (1865) |Ken Burns Docum' (May 13, 1865 at 28:47)

(Saturday, May 13, 1865, 4:00 p.m.; during the Battle of Palmito Ranch) — In what is considered as the final battle of the American Civil War, Union Private John J. Williams of the 34th Indiana is believed to have been the last man killed in combat in the war as the Battle of Palmito Ranch in Cameron County, Texas, ended in a Confederate victory.

Riot breaks out at Elvis Presley concert in Jacksonville 60 years ago today (May 13 1955)

Video: 'Elvis Presley Interview 1955 Jacksonville, FL'

(Friday, May 13, 1955) — A riot broke out at an Elvis Presley concert today at the Gator Bowl Baseball Park in Jacksonville, Florida, the first time trouble was reported at one of his concerts. Witnesses say the crowd went crazy when Presley said, “Girls, I’ll see you backstage.”