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Challenger limps into a low orbit as an engine fails 30 years ago this hour (July 29 1985)

Video: 'STS-51F launch, abort & landing (7-29-85)'

(Monday, July 29, 1985, 21:00:00 UTC) — The space shuttle Challenger began an 8-day mission today that got off to a shaky start: the spacecraft achieved a safe orbit even though one of its main engines shut down prematurely after lift-off.

It was the first major malfunction during ascent in the 19 flights of the shuttle program.

The Beatles attend world premiere of ‘Help!’ in London 50 years ago tonight (July 29 1965)

Video: 'The Beatles movie Help! premiers in London'

(Thursday, July 29, 1965, evening BST) — Ten thousand fans gathered outside the London Pavilion tonight to see The Beatles arrive in a black Rolls-Royce for the royal premiere of their second film Help!.

Inside, they met Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, who had delayed their summer holiday for the event.

Directed by Richard Lester, the film also starred Leo McKern, Eleanor Bron, John Bluthal, Patrick Cargill, Victor Spinetti, Roy Kinnear and Mal Evans.

USS Indianapolis torpedoed by Japanese 70 years ago this hour (July 30 1945)

Video: 'USS Indianapolis - The Darkest Moments of World War II'

(Monday, July 30, 1945, 12:14 a.m. local time; during World War II) — The Portland class heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis, having just delivered components of the atomic bomb to Tinian in the Mariana Islands, was torpedoed today by a Japanese submarine; only 317 out of nearly 1,200 men survived. Continue reading USS Indianapolis torpedoed by Japanese 70 years ago this hour (July 30 1945)