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U.S. Senator Huey Long fatally shot in Baton Rouge 80 years ago this hour (Sep 8 1935)

Video: 'The Assassination of Huey Long'

(Sunday, September 8, 1935, 9:20 p.m. local time/11:20 p.m. EDT) — U.S. Senator Huey Long, the “Kingfish” of Louisiana politics, was shot through the stomach and mortally wounded tonight inside the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge (he would die two days later on Sept. 10, 1935).

The assailant, identified as Dr. Carl Weiss, whose father-in-law Huey had just gerrymandered out of a judgeship, was gunned down by Long’s bodyguards.

The Beach Boys begin recording tenth studio album 50 years ago today (Sep 8 1965)

Video: 'Beach Boys "Party" Album' (12 videos)

(Wednesday, September 8, 1965) — The Beach Boys began recording Beach Boys’ Party!, the band’s tenth studio album, today at United Western Recorders studios in Hollywood.

Presented as an impromptu live recording of a party, the studio sessions would continue through Sept. 27, 1965, for release on Nov. 8, 1965.