Paul McCartney and Wings hold a press conference in Perth, Australia 40 years ago today (Nov 2 1975)

Video: 'Countdown Molly Meldrum interview with Wings 1975'

(Sunday, November 2, 1975, during Wings Over the World tour) — Former Beatle Paul McCartney and his band Wings give a press conference today in front of over 200 reporters and photographers today in Perth, including Australian comedian Norman Gunston, who flew in especially to interview Paul and Linda for his Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) The Norman Gunston Show.

Video: 'Paul McCartney - Norman Gunston 1975'

Video: 'Wings Over The World Behind the Scenes' (Nov. 2, 1975, at 3:24-4:55)

Video: 'Paul McCartney - Wingspan parte 3 en español' (Nov. 2, 1975, at 14:35-14:50)

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