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President Truman flies home for Christmas 70 years ago this hour (Dec 25 1945)

Video: 'The Presidents: Truman' (Dec. 25, 1945, at 2:25:15)

(Tuesday, December 25, 1945, 12:05 p.m. EST, Christmas Day) — U.S. President Harry Truman woke to find the capitol covered in ice and snow; his wife Bess and daughter Margaret were in their hometown of Independence, Missouri, and the President missed them.

Anxious to see his family, desperate to escape the turmoil in Washington, he ordered the Presidential plane to fly him home.

The plane, buffeted by sleet and snow, arrived an hour late.

‘Don’t Bother Me/No Reply’ episode airs on ‘The Beatles’ cartoon series 50 years ago this hour (Dec 25 1965)

Video: 'The Beatles Cartoons Episode 14'

(Saturday, December 25, 1965, Christmas Day, 10:30 a.m. EST) –The Beatles are staying at a hotel in Rome when Ringo remembers they have a concert to do that night in Barcelona and later in Hawaii, they are warned by a local detective about Anyface, the world’s greatest master of disguise, on this morning’s episode of The Beatles, a weekly cartoon television series on ABC.