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President Reagan’s SOTU message appeals for unity to curb spending 30 years ago this hour (Feb 4 1986)

Video: 'Ronald Reagan's State of the Union Address 1986'

(Tuesday, February 4, 1986, 8:04 p.m. EST) — U.S. President Ronald Reagan appealed tonight to Republicans and Democrats to unite in an effort to control Government spending, saying, “It’s time we reduced the Federal budget and left the family budget alone.”

In his annual State of the Union Message to Congress, delayed for a week by the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, Reagan singled out support of the American family as a major theme of the remainder of his second term. He cited the family as the “moral core” of a restoration of the nation’s confidence in the future.

Mass Murderer Charles Manson refused parole 30 years ago today (Feb 4 1986)

Video: 'Charles Manson 1986 Parole Hearing'

(Tuesday, February 4, 1986) — Parole for Charles Manson, serving a life term for being the mastermind of the 1969 Tate-LaBianca cult murders, was turned down by a state board today in San Quentin, California, after the killer told its members to “stick it” because he was his own god and government and that if he were released he would likely go to Libya or Iran.