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Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford winners in New Hampshire primary 40 years ago today (Feb 24 1976)

Video: 'NH Primary Vault: Jimmy Carter's stunning NH Primary win in 1976'

(Tuesday, February 24, 1976) — Former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, a little-known Washington outsider, won the New Hampshire, first-in-the-nation presidential primary today, defeating Arizona Rep. Mo Udall 28.57% to 22.87% in the Democratic race.

In the Republican race, President Gerald Ford, seeking election to a full term after taking office upon the resignation of former President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal, narrowly defeated challenger former California Governor Ronald Reagan 50.06% to 48.62%.

Eagles’ ‘Greatest Hits’ becomes first album certified platinum in U.S. 40 years ago today (Feb 24 1976)

Video: 'Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (Remastered)'

(Tuesday, February 17, 1976) — The Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) album became the first album in the U.S. to be certified platinum, for at least one million copies sold. The new award was conceived because high sales meant too many artists were winning gold records.