The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, 32, found dead 50 years ago #OnThisDay #OTD (Aug 27 1967)

Video: 'the beatles death of brian epstein 1967 interview'

(Sunday, August 27, 1967, 3:00 p.m. BST)Brian Epstein, the man who guided The Beatles to international fame as their manager, was found dead today of an accidental overdose of Carbitral, a form of barbiturate or sleeping pill, in his locked bedroom at his home in Chapel Street, London.

Epstein was 32.

The Beatles were at a college in Bangor in North Wales studying Transcendental Meditation with Indian philosopher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi when they got the news and hurriedly left for London.

John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr responded to Epstein’s death at a hastily assembled press conference in Bangor while Paul McCartney went ahead of them back to London.

Video: 'The Brian Epstein Story (Full)'

Video: 'The Beatles Anthology Seven' (August 27, 1967, at 14:28)

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