Beatle George Harrison’s home raided by Drugs Squad 50 years ago #OnThisDay #OTD (Mar 12 1969)

Video: 'The Beatles Anthology - 8.' (Mar. 12, 1969, at 54:42)

(Wednesday, March 12, 1969) — Beatle George Harrison and his wife Patti were arrested today in a raid by the notorious Sgt Norman Pilcher of the Drugs Squad on their home at Esher, Surrey, on charges of possession of marijuana

Pilcher’s squad took a large piece of hashish with them, to make sure they were able to make a charge. They claimed to have found the piece in one of Harrison’s shoes during the raid.

The Harrisons posted bond and were released.

Pilcher had previously busted Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Beatle John Lennon, and had particularly focused on The Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones.

He became infamous for vigorously targeting pop musicians, and it was widely believed that he framed a number of celebrities or zealously carried out raids in order to become famous in the tabloid press.

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