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‘Iceberg, right ahead!’ shouted just before RMS Titanic strikes huge iceberg in North Atlantic 100 years ago this hour (1912)

Video: Titanic collides with iceberg (from 'Titanic' 1997 film)

(Sunday, April 14, 1912, 11:40 p.m. aboard ship, 9:38 p.m. ET) — RMS Titanic lookout Frederick Fleet spotted an iceberg in the ship’s path at this moment. He rang the lookout bell three times and telephoned the bridge, “Iceberg right ahead!”

The Titanic’s heading changed just in time to avoid a head-on collision but a change in direction caused the ship to strike the iceberg with a glancing blow.

An underwater spur of ice scraped along the starboard side of the ship for about seven seconds, causing chunks of dislodged ice to fall onto her forward decks. A few minutes later, all of Titanic’s engines were stopped, leaving the ship facing north and drifting in the Labrador Current.

Video: Titanic collides with iceberg (from 1979 TV mini-series)

Nixon assures Canadians U.S. respects their independence 40 years ago this hour (1972)

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(Friday, April 14, 1972, 3 p.m. EST) — U.S. President Richard M. Nixon assured Canada today that the United States wants its northern neighbor to build a national economy free of American domination.

Going before the Canadian Parliament after agreeing in private talks with Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau to seek a resumption of stalled trade talks, Nixon also aimed oblique criticism at the Soviet Union for supply arms to North Vietnam.