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Largest tank battle in history begins at Kursk 70 years ago this hour (1943)

Video: 'The World At War: Red Star The Soviet Union 5/5' (July 5, 1943, at 0:16)

(Monday, July 5, 1943, 5:00 a.m. local time; during the Battle of Kursk on the Eastern Front of World War II) — The largest tank battle in history began today when Germany launched an attacked a Soviet salient (or bulge) around the Russian city of Kursk with 20 infantry divisions and 3,000 tanks. Continue reading Largest tank battle in history begins at Kursk 70 years ago this hour (1943)

Lee retreats from Gettysburg after Meade decides not to attack 150 years ago today (1863)

Video: 'History Channel Gettysburg Documentary Part 6' (July 4, 1863, at 9:05)

(Saturday, July 4, 1863, evening local time; during the Battle of Gettysburg, part of the Gettysburg Campaign of the American Civil War) — One day after the Battle of Gettysburg ended, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee began to withdraw his forces from Gettysburg to Virginia after Union Gen. George Meade decided not to attack Lee’s troops at Seminary Ridge.

Confederate garrison at Vicksburg surrenders 150 years ago today (1863)

Video: 'The Siege of Vicksburg'

(Saturday, July 4, 1863; during the Siege of Vicksburg, part of the Vicksburg Campaign of the American Civil War) — The six-week Siege of Vicksburg in Warren County, Mississippi, ended today as a Confederate garrison surrendered to Union forces. When combined with Gen. Robert E. Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg the previous day, this is considered a major turning point of the American Civil War.