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The Beatles (on tape) perform (again) on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ 50 years ago this hour (Feb 23 1964)

Video: 'The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show'

(Sunday, February 23, 1964, 8:00 p.m. EST) — The Beatles performed three songs for their third of three consecutive appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show variety television series on CBS. Continue reading The Beatles (on tape) perform (again) on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ 50 years ago this hour (Feb 23 1964)

The Beatles perform for ‘Big Night Out’ 50 years ago tonight (Feb 23 1964)

Video: 'Beatles-Big Night Out 1964 part 1'

(Sunday, February 23, 1964, evening-10:30 p.m. GMT) — Despite having returned to England just the day before from their first trip to the U.S., The Beatles continued work tonight with an appearance on the ABC Television show Big Night Out before a studio audience.

They arrived at Teddington Studios in the morning for rehearsals. The Beatles took part in comedy sketches with hosts Mike and Bernie Winters, and mimed to six songs: All My Loving, I Wanna Be Your Man, Till There Was You, Please Mister Postman, Money (That’s What I Want) and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

One of the comedy routines, a skit on The Beatles’ return from the US, involved the group sailing down the River Thames, being driven to the studio and arriving through a door marked ‘Customs’. The river cruise section was also filmed by an ITN news crew, and George Harrison provided a commentary for the early evening bulletin which parodied the annual Oxford v Cambridge boat race.

This edition of Big Night Out was first broadcast on most of the ITV network on Feb. 29, 1964 from 6:35-7:25 p.m. All The Beatles’ songs except for Money were included.

Video: 'Beatles-Big Night Out 1964 part 2'

Battle of Eniwetok Atoll ends in U.S. victory 70 years ago today (Feb 23 1944)

Video: 'WW2: U.S. Marines Take Eniwetok (1944)'

(Wednesday, February 23, 1944; Part of World War IIPacific War) — U.S. forces secured Eniwetok Atoll today from the Japanese, with 262 Americans killed in 7 days of fighting. The victory provided a forward base for the United States Navy for its later operations, including Allied attacks on the Mariana Islands to the northwest.