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Patton congratulates commanders on ‘Bulge’ victory 70 years ago today (Jan 17 1945)

Video: 'American Experience - Battle of the Bulge (PBS Documentary)' (Jan. 17, 1945, at 1:06:33)

(Wednesday, January 17, 1945; during the Battle of the Bulge on the Western Front of World War II) — “The day after Houffalize was taken, Patton congratulated his corps commanders on their victory at the Battle of the Bulge, but whatever the papers said, this fight was not over…”

Warsaw liberated by Soviet, Polish forces 70 years ago today (Jan 17 1945)

Video: 'Soviet Drive On Warsaw (1945)'

(Wednesday, January 17, 1945; during the Vistula–Oder Offensive, part of the Eastern front of World War II) — Russian and Polish troops today captured devastated Warsaw to free its last survivors of five years of Nazi tyranny as the Red Army’s greatest offensive surged twenty-four miles across western Poland, taking Czestochowa and reaching within fourteen miles of the German border.