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Vera Brittain informed of her fiancé’s death at Western Front 100 years ago today (Dec 26 1915)

Video: '1914~1918. A BBC History of the Great War: 3. Total War' (Dec. 26, 1915, at 15:27)

(Sunday, December 26, 1915, during World War I)Vera Brittain, a 21-year-old nurse in the British Red Cross who would become a famous author and feminist after the war, was informed today that her fiancé Roland Leighton, who had been given Christmas leave, had died Dec. 23, 1915, of wounds sustained in battle at the Western Front in France.

President Truman flies home for Christmas 70 years ago this hour (Dec 25 1945)

Video: 'The Presidents: Truman' (Dec. 25, 1945, at 2:25:15)

(Tuesday, December 25, 1945, 12:05 p.m. EST, Christmas Day) — U.S. President Harry Truman woke to find the capitol covered in ice and snow; his wife Bess and daughter Margaret were in their hometown of Independence, Missouri, and the President missed them.

Anxious to see his family, desperate to escape the turmoil in Washington, he ordered the Presidential plane to fly him home.

The plane, buffeted by sleet and snow, arrived an hour late.