The Beatles record ‘Please Mr. Postman’ 50 years ago this hour (1963)

Audio: 'The Beatles - Please Mister Postman (Demos)'

(Tuesday, July 30, 1963, 10:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. BST) — The Beatles resumed recording their second album (With The Beatles) this morning at EMI Studio 2 in London, committing “Please Mr. Postman” to tape.

The group also recorded early takes of a new Lennon-McCartney composition, “It Won’t Be Long,” to be finished later in the day.

Audio: 'The Beatles - It Won't Be Long (Demos)'

Audio: 'The Beatles - Please Mister Postman (2009 Mono Remaster)'

Audio: 'The Beatles - Please Mr. Postman (2011 Stereo Remastered) [HiD]'

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