Harlem is quiet as crowds watch Malcolm X rites 50 years ago this hour (Feb 27 1965)


(Saturday, February 27, 1965, 9:30 a.m. EST) — Malcolm X, a black nationalist who had told African-Americans they must meet violence with violence, went to his grave today eulogized as a man who died believing in the brotherhood of man.

Several thousand people jammed the sidewalks in the bitter cold an^ about 600 packed the Christian church where the Moslem services were held.

Hundreds of policemen stood guard during the services. There had been instances and threats of violence after Malcolm was murdered Feb. 21, 1965, but there was no violence at the services in Harlem or at the graveside at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York.

Ossie Davis, the African-American actor and playwright, who delivered the eulogy, said: “Malcolm was our manhood, our living black manhood. In honoring him we honor the best in ourselves.”

The funeral service took place at Faith Temple, Church of God in Christ, an old motion picture theater at 147th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Video: 'Malcolm X: Make It Plain' (Feb. 27, 1965, at 2:12:04)

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