28 former Japanese officials go on trial in Tokyo as war criminals 70 years ago today (Apr 29 1946)

Video: 'Japanese war criminals go on trial in Tokyo Newsreel PublicDomainFootage.com'

(Monday, April 29, 1946, during the International Military Tribunal for the Far East) — Former Japanese Prime Ministers Hideki Tojo (1941–44), Kiichiro Hiranuma (1939), Koki Hirota (1936–37) and Kuniaki Koiso (1944–45), and 24 co-defendants were indicted today in Tokyo for war crimes, ranging from the murder of thousands of Americans at Pearl Harbor, to conspiracy “to secure military, naval, political and economic domination of the whole world.”

All of the surviving members of Tojo’s cabinet members were included in the 55 count indictment.

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