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U.S. President James Monroe born in Westmoreland County, Virginia 260 years ago #OnThisDay #OTD (Apr 28 1758)

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(Friday, April 28, 1758)James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States (1817-1825), was born today in his parents’ house located in a wooded area of Westmoreland County, Virginia, one mile from the unincorporated community known today as Monroe Hall, Virginia. Continue reading U.S. President James Monroe born in Westmoreland County, Virginia 260 years ago #OnThisDay #OTD (Apr 28 1758)

U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr born 260 years ago today (Feb 6 1756)

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(Friday, February 6, 1756)Aaron Burr, Jr., the third Vice President of the United States, was born today in Newark, Province of New Jersey, in British America.

The future U.S. Senator from New York would serve as vice president under President Thomas Jefferson, a Democratic-Republican, from 1801 to 1805.

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born in Salzburg, Austria 260 years ago today (Jan 27 1756)

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(Tuesday, January 27, 1756)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era, was born Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgang Amadeus today at 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria.

He was the seventh child of Leopold Mozart, a musician of the Salzburg Royal Chamber, and Anna Maria, née Pertl.

Martin Luther refuses to recant teachings


(Wednesday, April 17, 1521)Martin Luther,  a German priest and professor of theology who initiated the Protestant Reformation, went before the Diet of Worms to face charges stemming from his religious writings.  He was later declared an outlaw by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

Mayflower sails back to England


(Thursday, April 5, 1621) — The Mayflower, the ship that transported the English Separatists, better known as the Pilgrims, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, sailed today from Plymouth Colony in present-day Massachusetts on a monthlong return trip to England.