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‘Soylent Green’ opens in New York City 40 years ago today (1973)

Video: 'Soylent Green' (clip)

(Thursday, April 19, 1973)Soylent Green, a science fiction film about a New York police detective in an overpopulated futuristic Earth who finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff, opened today in New York City.

Directed by Richard Fleischer, the film stars Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young and Edward G. Robinson.

U.S. goes off gold standard 80 years ago today (1933)

Video: 'FDR Ends Gold Standard in 1933'

(Wednesday, April 19, 1933; during the Great Depression) — President Franklin D. Roosevelt took the United States off the gold standard today by ordering that gold exports to other nations be halted. The effect would be to devalue the U.S. dollar by 36% (against gold-backed currencies) over the next eight months. However, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had increased by 55% on July 18, 1933.