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Elvis Presley performs on ‘The Milton Berle Show’ 60 years ago this hour (Apr 3 1956)

Video: '''The Milton Berle Show'' - 3 April 1956'

(Tuesday, April 3, 1956, 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST) — Elvis Presley made the first of two appearances on the comedy-variety show The Milton Berle Show, broadcast live from the deck of the USS Hancock on NBC while docked at the Naval Air Base in San Diego, California, performing 13-second “Shake Rattle & Roll,” “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Blue Suede Shoes.” He earned $5,000. Continue reading Elvis Presley performs on ‘The Milton Berle Show’ 60 years ago this hour (Apr 3 1956)

Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski arrested at his remote Montana cabin 20 years ago today (Apr 3 1996)

Video: 'ABC News footage on Ted Kaczynski's arrest'

(Wednesday, April 3, 1996, afternoon MST) — Federal agents today raided a remote Montana cabin where they seized a onetime university professor suspected of being the Unabomber, the elusive terrorist who has left a 17-year nationwide trail of mail bombs that have killed 3 people and maimed 23 others.

Law-enforcement officials said tonight that the agents had found explosive chemicals and other bomb-making material at the wilderness cabin belonging to the suspect, Theodore J. Kaczynski.

Commerce Secretary Ron Brown among 35 lost in Croatia plane crash 20 years ago this hour (Apr 3 1996)

Video: 'Mayday Air Crash Investigation S04E08 Fog Of War Crash in Croatia Inbound Flight 21 is missing'

(Wednesday, April 3, 1996, 2:57 p.m. CEST) — An Air Force jetliner carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, 54, and American business executives slammed into a mountainside today as it approached the airport at Dubrovnik, on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, killing all 35 people aboard.